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You are the biggest enemy

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Many people jump right into their goals and work hard for a while, and then they pull back before achieving your goals. You are both your best friend and enemy. Sometimes you are afraid to fail. Sometimes you are afraid to succeed.

Why successful founders have no ego? because ones with ego can not succeed.

Many people wants to be entrepreneurs, the risk takers, but have no idea what the risks are.

Why you are afraid to fail

Why you are afraid to succeed

Success Means Change

Success Means Responsibilities

Success Means talking to a lot of people and deal with people.

People are afraid to fail. They don't know failure is necessary for learning and will lead to success.

People are afraid to success. Because success honestly means a lot of people like you, but you also have a lot of people to care for and receive/return favors.

Most people are full of ideas. They don't want to throw away a single one of them. The core difference between Steve Jobs and others are:

  1. Jobs have 1000 good ideas, and he throws away 999 of them.

  2. Average wannapreneur has 1000 average ideas, and they keep everyone of them.

Steve Jobs may be stubborn and difficult, but he is humble and honest. He is not the worlds smartest and he does not care. He has scars - that is his badge of honor.


Smart hard working people do not want to stop guessing. They guess, project, and try to take chances.


Other signs you are your enemy #1:

  1. You want to have a perfect idea ... you weight in and out, never pull the trigger.

  2. When you execute an idea, you "found" a better idea and abandon previous efforts.

  3. You put yourself on a pedestal, say a professor, a APP programmer. You don't want to acknowledge that hard work is only way to go.


Success means YOUR COMPANY BECOMES A CELEBRITY. Watch the movie "The Founder" which tells the story of Ray Croc founding McDonalds with the brand name being his first love. It is a good movie - it shows how hard success is even if you are experienced and clearly love everything you do.


Most people are scared of failures. They hence are scared of success, because they don't want failures to success, or failure after success.

Success means you live in a ecosystem of supporters, but you need to exchange benefits with your supporters. A lot of people care about solitude more than success.


You can not just depend on your talent, interests and passion. If your passion is not strong, it won't last a season before you are bored. If your interests is intense but not long lasting, you will be the first to give up in favor of new interests. It is important to have strong vision and strong mission sense.

Strong vision must beat your change of heart, your boredom, your despair, your discomfort, and your reaction in faces of repeated failures. There is also your own self doubt, your being ridicules by people who does not know, and you being tired.


Success is not "I did not fail". Success is "I know everyway to fail because I experienced it". Failure is not shame - failure is inevitable and required, because it means you tried hard enough, and you fall into your mind traps and traps setup by circumstances and other people.

Just want to "be new" or "solve a problem" is not influence. New is often "what you did not know already existed", and "solving a problem" for a stranger will not result in acceptance.


Biggest risk of a start is founder's unpreparedness. A founder lacking experience but insisting they are not important is the biggest risk of entrepreneurship. That is why the majority of startups fail.

For a startup to work, a good founder would make a bad idea work, but a bad founder would make a good idea fail.


Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Can you build quality things that people don't take as hobby?

  2. Can you take years of being ignored by people who think that you are not succeed?

  3. Can you believe a cause that only you know is right?

  4. Can you not change your mind when you know your original idea has flaws but you can not change it? do you have the resolve to finish?


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