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Startup: Biggest Book

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Here is a list of SBB titles, along with a linked list of startup tools. At Seven Parallel Consulting, our goal is to help you gain complete clarity, no fantasy, no fogs, no more hesitation.

Entrepreneurship is learning what no one will teach.

Startup is the longest journey of learning and action an individual could take. This program discusses the various elements of a startup, including business, creativity, timing, technology, market, competition, value, and price. An entrepreneur needs to develop both knowledge and vision, prepare themselves accordingly, and then undertake the actual journey.

Startup has to do with many things, including life's meaning, job, money, risk, learning, association, and value.


Introduction to founder Chang Liu

Royalty free startup business idea database

Idea clinic: review bad ideas and understand how to make an idea better

If you have an idea, use the interactive tool to identify weakness

Movies that entrepreneurs can not miss

Archived questions with filters

Best videos about entrepreneurship on youtube

Failure related articles:

Real cases of startup failures

Top reasons beginners fail

For startup, the first failure is mandatory and it is the success!

Why companies start for 3-4 years before they fail?

Top 10 Indian startups that closed in 2019

A company without business is very common. When starting up, make sure you have business.

Beginners believe hard things can be avoided. Veterans go for only hard things. Beginners take chances with small ideas. Veterans only tackle big enough opportunities.

Startup is creation, not creativity.

Utmost straight clarity about startup.

The journey of an idea on the way to be realized.

How to design an idea

How to execute an idea

Spending more time turning your idea into reality than protecting it.

There are too many ideas. There are gazillion ideas.

You can only focus on one. You must focus on only one. Find your only one. When the focus, the world opens and you get rich.

The first try always fails. Success is "succeeding in identifying all failures". So go ahead, fail. Leap of faith.

Look at the idea hospital to see how to fix an idea.

Why it is crucial to focus on ONE. (Link)

How to design an idea from scratch that suits you? (Link)

Why you are your biggest enemy when it comes to focusing?

You don't need to use your own idea. There are too many ideas. Never keep your idea "secret", it just makes it worse. An idea is truly yours only after you act on it.

When you come across a random idea, how to identify its worth?

A bank of free good business ideas

An idea hospital that analyze random ideas

A case studies bank of examples

An idea evaluator

A Q&A box of startup questions commonly asked

Startup is off road adventure. There are no books. It is extra learning. startup school website.

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